We make highly evolved boxes and other small decorative items

We design our work using vector graphics on the computer. We then use a laser cutter to make very precise and controlled cuts in the wood. With the ability to make intricate cuts with control to 1/1000 of an inch this technology allows us to explore new limits in wood working.

Laser cutters/engravers are often associated with engraving stuff on cheaply manufactured things. We (among some other artists) are striving to be part of defining a new process we call 'digital wood working' in which this new technology is combined with traditional wood working techniques and eye for detail to create fun and timeless works.

If a laser cut wood box is not carefully glued and finished it does not meet our standards for 'digital wood working'. Timeless beauty is about detail, craftsmanship and design.

We don't tolerate laser smoked wood or careless finishing. We sand all of our hard wood creations until they are smooth with soft edges. You can see the grain of the raw material and feel the warmth of the wood in your hands. We use high quality, sustainably harvested woods that give each piece a unique character.

All of our work is original. We don't use clip art or plans from the internet. What we do is sort of like traditional printing methods. We can produce a series of objects. Some of our work is done as specifically limited editions. Some times our work is like mono-printing -- we use the same template but choose different woods or finishing techniques to create related but not identical objects in much the same way that you could hand color an etching to create a unique print.

Our Materials

We love wood. Wood is a renewable resource. It gives our creations personality and natural beauty.

We also love forests. It is difficult as a very small business to get provenance for the wood we use. We do go to some lengths to ‘not buy’ wood that might come from endangered trees or endangered woodlands. We check all the wood we use against the CITES Appendices and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

All of our designs, images of our work, text and graphics displayed on this website are copyrighted.

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