Wait a minute you say 'isn't MDF the greenest material made from recycled sawdust? How could not using it be greener?' This is what we thought until this last year. The problem is in the smoke created during laser cutting.

Our company commitment to the environment does not stop with reusing packaging materials and buying only sustainably harvested woods. We also work in a densely populated region so we filter the exhaust from our laser cutter to the point that it can be safely returned right into our studio. This is a costly process to protect our community. We feel strongly that no one else should breathe smoke coming from a chimney on our studio no matter how fun our art is.

This is not to say MDF is not a green matterial. As a floor underlay or as home moulding it truly may be one of the most environmentally benign materials out there! But cut it in the manner of our work and the smoke from MDF quickly gums up our filters.

So we say goodbye to our popular 'Spiro' box. As soon as we use up any parts we have already cut and deplete our inventory we will sell no more.